On-line Catalogue

RSO provides an on-line catalogue that allows your clients to search for items by any combination of:

The search results come up in a simple clear layout.

Your catalogue can be transferred from most commonly used systems.  Also you can keep your existing cataloguing and numbering system so there is no need to relabel everything or change the way your service is organised.

The on-line catalogue database is the same one used by staff and clients so new items can become available as soon as they are added.  Recently added items are marked with a 'NEW' flag and clients can list all new items with a single click.

There's a feature that sends automatic email newsletters to clients which, along with your newsletter content, adds a list of the recently added items.  Another feature monitors each client's recent use of items and can send out customised lists of new items based on their topics of interest.

Leaflets (stock items), lending and information items all go into the same database - you simply mark them as the appropriate type.

It is possible to have items in the catalogue that are information only, such as useful contacts (people or organisations), web sites, downloadable documents and even news items.  Like any other item, once they are put into the correct subjects they will appear in any search done on the relevant subject/s.

This puts vital information where it should be - where your clients are searching

Instead of having a separate 'Links' page on your site, just catalogue them into your on-line database.


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