As its name suggests, RSO provides everything you require to run a resources service,
all in one system:

RSO is the most advanced solution of it's type.  As well as the obvious essential facilities required by any such system it has many additional well thought out features that genuinely make a difference to delivering a resource service.

RSO is the only system that provides full on-screen previewing of every type of resource:



RSO has a strong pedigree.

RSO was specifically written for the Berkshire Health Promotion Resource Service.

A team of developers worked closely with BHPS throughout the whole design, programming and implementation stages.  This close cooperation with a resource service has ensured that RSO is truly tailored to the actual tasks required when running a service.

What this means in practice is that most of the 'bugbear' time-consuming tasks simply disappear since RSO has been specifically designed to tackle them.

RSO began development in March 2002 and was fully in use with clients by April 2003.  This one year of development, plus three years of use and improvement in a real setting, has made RSO a very reliable and usable product.


RSO is deliberately simple to look at.  Our approach was that it should be a practical tool, fast and responsive for everyday use.  Your clients need a system that's easy to use and enables them to locate items quickly.

RSO works well, even on older systems.  Every feature, even the previews, will work perfectly well on Internet Explorer 7.0 or later, and is also fully Apple Mac compatible.

The video previews will even play over an ordinary telephone modem connection.

Reliable in Use

RSO has been in every-day use with resource service clients since 2003.

"Since it's implementation in 2003 it has proved to be immensely reliable.  We have had no major or even medium problems at all.  There were a few minor problems in the first couple of months, but I imagine you must expect that with any new system.  There was never anything serious, and they were all corrected very quickly.

This reliability gives us great confidence that the system is inherently robust, and we are very happy to recommend it to other units."

Michael Offord
Berkshire Health Promotion Resources

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